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Why choose Oxynova Products ?

Premium Portable Pressure Vessel



The Oxynova Series 8 is our most versatile and popular unit. From a compact exterior to a spacious and comfortable interior, the Series 8 has been designed to welcome two people at a time.

Series 8 (1.3 ATA / 4psi)

33″ X 90.75″ (84 cm x 231 cm)

Ideal for home and travel

Internal stainless structure

Orthopedic mattress

Powerfull 150 Liter Compressor

Interior & Exterior Manometer


Designed and built for commercial use offering safety and durability. The Oxynova Series 9 is ideal for clinics and beauty centers trying to project an image of prestige and elegance. It can also safely be use at home and can accommodate up to three people.

Series 9 (1.3 ATA / 4psi)

36″ X 111″ (91 cm x 282 cm)

Ideal for home and 2 or 3 persons

Internal stainless structure

Orthopedic mattress

Powerfull 150 Liter Compressor

Interior & Exterior Manometer

Why choose an Oxynova Product ?

15 years manufacturing premium flexible mild hyperbaric chambers

The FIRST and ONLY products offering a LIFETIME WARRANTY

Built and designed with DURABILITY AND SAFETY

Oil free high performance 150 liters/min air compressor

Orthopedic mattress

Inside and outside stainless steel pressure gauge

Stainless steel internal structure

Rental fee 100% applicable on future purchase

The equipment can be returned or purchased anytime during the rental period

Oxynova key features

Security, quality and efficiency are the #1 priorities. 15 of years manufacturing with the highest engineered standard, all units are connected to an oil free high-performance commercial compressor to ensure the cleanest air. You’ll like its comfort and versatility.

Air quality

The air quality you breathe is crucial. Our high-performance oil free compressor has been chosen to ensure the best quality of air inside and outside your chamber. It provides a constant and linear 150 litres of air per minute and comes with  laboratory grade flexible tubing & coupling connectors. 


In life, you can choose average or you can aim to achieve perfection. Oxynova chambers are made with PVDF teflon featuring no off-gaz emissions over time. It is also crafted with radio frequency welding, double stitches and double windows for greater security and peace of mind.






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